Amethyst Serenity Bracelet

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Add more calming amethyst into your life...

Buy One & Get One Free!

Amethyst crystal is a powerful natural stress reliever.

It has a peaceful & calming effect...

And right now you'll get a FREE bracelet, with each one you buy!

A special bracelet for you to gift...

So you can build good karma and generate happiness by giving.

amethst gemstone bracelet
amethyst handmade crystal bracelet

Handmade with love

Our Serenity Bracelet is made with the highest quality 6mm natural amethyst gemstones.

We take pride in the making of each bracelet, carefully selecting each bead by hand.

The amethyst is strung on high quality, strong stretch cord so it sits comfortably on your wrist...

And because life is about what you give, not what you get...

Special bracelet for you to gift

With each bracelet you buy, we will send you a second bracelet...Free!

Buy two - and you'll get two free bracelets...

This offer is limited so take advantage to stock up on beautiful calming amethyst!

You can never have too much amethyst!

amethyst gemstone bracelet
natural amethyst gemstone

Healing properties of amethyst

Amethyst radiates a calming energy, helping dispel negativity and enhances positivity within you.

Wearing the bracelet promotes calm, energy healing and protection.

Feel the magical properties of amethyst and pick yours up today!

We are all unique...

Due to their nature, each gemstone is unique and the beads may vary slightly in shape, size, color and pattern.

More Reasons To Love Our Serenity Bracelet

Rest Easy

We stand behind our amethyst bracelet with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Love It Or Exchange It

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Item details

Handmade bracelet
Made to order


Gemstone: Amethyst (6mm)

Bracelet length

  • XS: 6.5 inch (16cm)
  • S: 7 inch (18cm)
  • M: 7.5 inch (19cm)
  • L: 8 inch (20cm)
  • XL: 8.5 inch (22cm)
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